My experience with Irma during the Strength Finder follow up session and the coaching sessions with my team is that Irma has great knowledge about the 34 different strengths and their characteristics. Further she has an open, positive and honest personality which makes it easy to connect with the persons she is coaching. During the Strength Finder Follow up session with my team Irma anticipated very good on questions by members of my team by giving extra information and/or by giving concrete examples. Due to her knowledge and positive energy I find it very pleasant to work with Irma.

Elisabeth van den Worm - van Til

Customer Service Manager Polymer Chemistry, AkzoNobel

Irma’s great enthusiasm about the Strengthsfinder works inspiring and shows Irma’s strength as a coach! Irma is able to relate very well between the strengths identified through the Strengthsfinder and how those strengths are appearing with a person and how a person can make use of these strengths. Irma acknowledges the positive and good characteristics and that makes people feel good.

For my team the group session was also of added value. It provided us insight as to what we are good at as financials, but Irma also showed us where we have gaps and might want to make use of the qualities of other professionals!

Eva Massier

Finance Manager, AkzoNobel

Irma’s skills to bring the benefits of StrengthsFinder approach to individuals and teams are exceptional! Positivism, recognition of each others talents – Irma effectively coaches teams in very inspiring manner.
Thank you for an amazing team session, in-depth individual discussions and overal precious team experience that engages each team member in totally new dimension of “winning together”!

Milena Rosso-Vasic

R&D Manager Analytical Services & Sustainability Focal Point, AkzoNobel

Irma normally operates in the commercial sector but is also well equipped to serve organisations and individuals working in the not-for-profit sector. I was asked to lead a reorganisation of a Faith Based Organisation and asked Irma to conduct the StrengthsFinder test of the staff, including some volunteers, as part of that process. She did a great job, connecting very well with the individuals concerned as well as with the team. Irma’s “individualisation” strength blossomed as she helped some very different personalities to see how they could work together more productively. As a “maximizer” Irma showed how a group of strongly committed individuals (quite a few with “belief” among their top five strengths) could use their differences to everyone’s benefit and to the advancement of the NGO’s mission.

Dirk R Frans

Senior Consultant, Advisor & Mentor, Interserve